Living in the Now

Recently, I've been thinking a lot about how I want to live my life. I have a notion of what that looks like after college, but my lifestyle now doesn’t reflect that. Perhaps this has to do with a hesitancy to box myself in before experiencing all the new opportunities college has to offer, but I am inclined to think it has more to do with the notion of constraints. Whether it be set class times and schedules or limited financial resources, there are some things which play a major role in shaping my daily life, but that I am unable to change without diverting some major life trajectories.

Engaging Others: Voter Registration in Texas

Regardless of what side of the political spectrum you may be on, I think we can all agree that as citizens we have an obligation to be active players in shaping our government. One way we can do that is by voting. Over the past year or so, Anthony has been a tireless advocate for encouraging people in Texas and the rest of the United States to vote. Here is his story:

A Dream Deferred

My new roommate, Mo, founded his own organization called Fuego! This past week I had the opportunity to sit down with him and ask him more about how that all came together.

The Challenges of Working Remotely

This past summer I was lucky enough to be able to intern with two employers at the same time. One of those employers provided me with the opportunity to work remotely, the type of job oftentimes held by digital nomads. Although I loved being able to work from afar, having such a job brought with it a host of unexpected challenges.

A Case Against Optimizing Your Life

Over the past five or six years I have focused on optimizing my life. However, I have recently noticed that some optimizations do not always have the intended effect, and perhaps make things even harder than they were pre-optimization. While there is certainly something to be said for problems such as these arising simply out of an increased awareness rather than that they actually formed due to some prior change, I think it is worth considering the impacts such optimizations have on our lives.

Exploring Your Hometown

A few days ago, I was looking for something to do with a friend back home. We only see each other a few times a year, so I try to plan special trips to make the most of our limited time together. Although I usually have no problem thinking of fun activities, this time I struggled to think of what we would do, until I remembered an article I read a few years back that talked about being a tourist in your hometown.