Giving Up Shampoo

Going into college, I decided to try a year without any hair products. The idea is that the cycles of shampoo, conditioner, and product that we put out hair through doesn’t actually do anything but cause it unnecessary stress.

Life Clock

Recently I was staring up at the clock in class while teaching, and it struck me how fleeting our time is. We often act as if we have an unlimited amount of it left, yet it is a very finite resource, if not the scarcest of all. So, I did what any sane person would do and created a countdown timer keeping track of the amount I have left.

Automating the Small Things

One of the things that I have enjoyed most about switching computers at the beginning of college is the little automation features included in MacOS. While most of these have simplified my workflow, there was one design that I dearly missed from Windows: opening an application in full screen by default.

Where is Noah?

I thought it might be fun for people to track my location as I progress through my upcoming year abroad in India, Morocco, and Austria. However, I didn't want to share my exact location, so I decided to stick to listing whichever country I am currently in. As of a few weeks ago, you can now check up on my travels by entering the URL

Cold Showers

Cold showers are often talked about for their supposed health benefits, boosting the immune system and speeding muscle recovery after hard workouts. This past year I took a deep dive into the practice.

Bridging the Divide

This year I partook in a program called "Bridging the Divide" which seeks to promote a deeper understanding across the many divides (rural/urban, red/blue, etc) facing our country today.

Failwell Chicago

One of my close friends at college, and the best barber I know, decided to take a leave of absence from UChicago this quarter for various reasons. After listening to his podcast “Failwell” I was inspired to learn more about both the creative process behind it as well as his musings on the topic. I hope by sharing it here that you too might begin to consider failure and success, college, and maybe even life itself slightly differently.