The Power of Institutions

Whether we like them or not, institutions are here to stay. Although there are definitely times throughout history where tearing down the old and building something new paid off, for most of us, most of the time, it‘s most efficient to work within their confines rather than try to break free.

What Matters Most

Oftentimes in life somethings matter more than others. While this statement is unlikely to be questioned, our actions don‘t reflect these varying levels of importance a surprising amount of the time.

Custom Tea Set

This past year I made the choice to upgrade my travel tea set from the red dragon porcelain to a titanium set. Although I loved the old cups, the cups were extremely small, and porcelain is prone to breaking. Not to mention, the heat transfer through the porcelain was high enough that I often risked burning my fingers when pouring the tea.

Up Next

This week I thought I’d switch it up and share some musings from author Colin Wright on planning for the future. While his thoughts don’t entirely mimic my own, his thoughts on the value of preparation are especially well put.

Finals Week

Today marks the end of finals week for the winter quarter at UChicago. While it is always a very busy time, it is actually one of my favorite periods of the year, mainly for the peaceful break that follows each term.

Investing for Everyone

Many of the most valuable lessons from my time at the University of Chicago come from a class I took this semester called “Economics for Everyone” taught by Steven Levitt and John List. One of these lessons was Levitt’s 6 tips for a strong personal finance strategy.

The Power of Defaults

In my economics class this quarter, my professor has often stressed to us the power of defaults. The basic idea is similar to inertia: set people on a path, and they will continue on it. This has far-reaching consequences in various realms such as financial policies, legal decisions, and business plans. However, you can also use it to improve your social life.

Best of Paris

When people find out I’m familiar with Paris, they often ask for recommendations. This post will consolidate all that information for ease of reference as well as saving me time going forwards.

Conflicting Optimizations

For those of us constantly thinking about lifestyle design, optimization is a familiar concept that we are always applying to new areas of our lives. However, these trends can intersect, leading two optimized solutions to be one unoptimized problem.