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Traveling Lightly

Traveling Lightly


Over the past year, I have become somewhat obsessed with the notion of traveling lightly. It all started when I read Tynan's 2016 Gear Post. The idea that someone could travel the world with nothing more than a 20L backpack was shocking to me. As someone who just brought multiple suitcases worth of stuff to study in Germany, the notion of only having to carry a single small backpack on my future travels seemed quite appealing.

A year later, I am finally doing just that. In a few hours, I will be on a plane headed to Amsterdam, where we will rent a car and drive back to my home in Hamburg. On the entirety of this 10 day trip, I will be living with only the items pictured above.

Here is my packing list:

  • Minaal Daily Bag
  • Wool and Prince Navy Tattersall Button Down
  • Bluffworks Charcoal Classic Pants
  • Icebreaker Merino Anatomica Vneck
  • Zara Scarf
  • Icebreaker Merino Shorts
  • Buff Multipurpose Headgear
  • Rab Wool Boxers
  • Luna Sandals
  • Patagonia Alpine Houdini
  • Vivo Barefoot Hopi Gobwell Boots
  • Vapur Waterbag
  • And a few other miscellaneous items

The point of all this isn't to see how little I can travel with, but rather to get the most out of my time when traveling. Instead of having to wait around for my baggage to come from the plane, I can just head right into the city, and have all my stuff already with me.

On such a short trip back to my home in Germany, I don't want to spend anytime worrying about packing or getting ready to move again, but instead, spending as much time as possible with my family and friends around me. As we approach the new year, I hope you can take this as motivation to reassess everything you have in your life, and whether it is there because it truly adds value to your life on a daily basis, or whether it is simply there by accident and only hinders you from focusing on what matters most to you.

Hope to be in touch soon, but if not, I wish you all an enjoyable holiday season and a happy New Year!


Photo is of everything I'll be taking with me or wearing on the trip through Germany, France, and the Netherlands

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