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My Friend, the Olympian

My Friend, the Olympian


Nathan Vislosky, one of my oldest and closest friends earned the honorable opportunity to play in the Federation International Roller Sports (FIRS) Inline World Championships, or Junior Olympics. He flew to Italy and played all last week. I joined him yesterday to celebrate by spending some time vacationing throughout Northern Italy.

I figured he could explain what went on at this multicultural sporting event much better than I could, so we sat down and had a short interview.

Noah: How did you qualify to play on Team USA?

Nathan: I qualified through the tryout process of being scouted out and then sending in video of my play for the coaching staff and Olympic Committee to review.

Noah: What were the logistics of the event like? (Where, when, etc.)

Nathan: It took place over the course of one week in Asiago, Italy as well as another rink in Roanan. The even includes the junior and senior men's and women's teams.

Noah: What position do you play and how do you contribute to the team as a whole?

Nathan: I played offense during the championships and I contribute mostly by applying alot of pressure to the defense with my speed as well as having a very hard slap shot which lots of offensive men lack.

Noah: Now that you've spent some time in the area, do you have any tips for future travelers?

Nathan: I highly recommend the Sporting Residence in Asiago. It is an amazing hotel, the staff is very well qualified, the food is very very good with lots of options, and the rooms are extremely spacious and well laid out.

Noah: Is there anything else you want to share with our readers?

Nathan: I highly recommend Asiago, Italy as a travel destination. It is not covered with many tourists and there is a gorgeous war memorial as well as many trails and paths to walk. This is a must visit in my opinion.

Well Nathan, thank you very much for taking the time out of your hectic schedule to do this interview, and good luck with your future Inline Hockey endeavors!


Photo is of him skating in to shoot one of the seven goals he scored during a game against India

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